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A Testimonial

"In my role as Trade & Supply Coordinator at HeroWork I get the opportunity to work with hundreds of trades people each year. [...] Erik& Trailside Masonry were great to work with, they communicated well and were flexible with our schedule, which was greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with Trailside in the future!"

- K.M., Victoria

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Flexible Resin Crack Injection

... or concrete crack injection, aka waterstop. Our main approach with a flexible polyurethane resin (qualified applicator for Multiurethanes, ON) which is hydrophobic, non toxic and designed to withstand expansion and contraction from temperature changes due to its flexible nature. Crack Injection is far faster, less invasive to tenants, and has exponentially better success at stopping both horizontal and vertical leaks than, excavating and sealing exterior, patching with epoxy, or other masonry sealing products.

Besides this we offer chemical grouting with different products like epoxy or “Sika” grouting compounds. Both of the above mentioned services are mostly performed in parkades, basements, any active leaking cracks in concrete foundations which can lead to structural damage and water damage over time if not taken care of (and are way cheaper than excavating the entire thing).

Concrete Remediation/Repair

We perform tasks like chipping, grinding, patching, sacking and repair form work for both structural and esthetic applications, either commercial or residential nature. If you experience damaged or leaked out areas after a concrete pour or blow outs, we can help. Besides the commercial nature of most concrete repair projects, we see some residential application eg concrete balcony vertically cracked or planter wall blow-out.

All of the performed work is up to engineering standards from blow outs to sacking concrete surfaces and as always using industry leading and engineer approved product.

Due to our two decade long experience we are proud to offer this service to commercial and residential customers. (Erik's favorite quote: there is NO patch when he is done!)

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