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We are a Family

We are a small family-owned and -operated business. We opened up in 2018 and were fortunate to have plenty of work throughout the following years. The quality of our work is based upon three decades worth of knowledge: Erik has been working in the trade for over 25 years.

We are mostly operating in the southern part of this beautiful island, which we have called home for more than 10 years now.

We love teaching the next generation (our "mini-me"s) how to work with and in nature to preserve it, and to keep tradition alive while creating a legacy!

photo of Erik, Marga and their three children all standing around the camera and looking at it from above. You can see tree tops in the distance.
photo: the beautifully restored side of a drain into a roadside ditch

We love our work

Erik has over 25 years of experience in masonry and construction with a long, rich family history in the trades, running around jobs sites since he was a child. He also picked up a lot of marine construction experience on the west coast, building marinas and docks, and has extensive form work experience.

The long, cold winters in Ontario and Quebec forced him to develop versatility, flexibility and an educated approach to problem-solving.

We love our community

We work with local suppliers whenever we can.

We keep the work and money in the local communities by supporting local small and large businesses, wherever our work and projects take us.

We volunteer with HeroWork.

We volunteer masonry services to HeroWork Victoria as a way to give back to the communities who helped us build our family business and have shown us continued support.

We value...




A commitment to preserve what we have

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